More and more technology has begun to play a larger and larger role in the images that are now available for us to shoot.  These are images that just 5 years ago would be considered impossible.  Cameras can shoot higher quality images in lower light, shoot frame rates in sub $10 000 cameras that were unheard of in cameras costing 10 times that even a few years ago.  Resolution that seems to double yearly in packages that are getting smaller and smaller and now POV cameras like the GoPro are allowing us to put cameras in places that make you say “you did what with that camera?”  But they are still just tools and must be driven by understanding and ideas to produce results that will make you sit in front of a screen for an hour or more, walking away feeling a connection to the story.  As a chisel or mallet is to a carpenter or a canvas and brush to an artist, a lens or camera body is to a filmmaker.




In this GEAR section of the site we want to share with you the type of gear we have selected and why, how we used it and the results we’ve got from it.  Check back regularly for new updates and reviews.

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